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商标 Fast Charging Pro 签名图标。

Fast Charging Pro

Elouajdi Mouad 2
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  • Update 28.11.2021
商标 Fast Charging Pro 签名图标。

Fast Charging Pro

版本号 2 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
资料下载 : 2 Atualizado em : 28.11.2021 Elouajdi Mouad
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Toda a informação que você necessita saber sobre sua bateria
t Charging Pro offers the possibility to access all the information available about your smartphone battery. Also, using the app, you can take the necessary actions to optimize its usage. With this app, you can see every single thing you need to know about your battery. You can see how long it will last according to what it's used for (listening to music, watching a video, on standby, etc.). Also, you can check the health of your battery, its temperature, what technology it uses, and its current state, among other information. If you're not happy with the current state of your battery, you can easily change it from the app. Simply activate or deactivate the apps being used or turn on one of the modes that the app recommends. The battery saver mode is indicated for situations when your battery is running low, while sleep mode is recommended for the nighttime, when you don't expect any phone calls or messages. However, if neither of these modes appeal to you, you can always setup your own custom mode, save it, and activate it whenever you want. This way you can optimize your battery usage at all times. In the notification bar you can find a summary of your battery's status: its percentage and it's current mode. If you want to know more, you just have to click the notification to see all the information Fast Charging Pro offers.


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