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商标 Gumball Racing 签名图标。

Gumball Racing

GlobalFun Games 1.0.14
  • 执照 Gratuito
  • 0
  • 资料下载 19
  • 尺码 75.09MB
  • Update 26.11.2021
商标 Gumball Racing 签名图标。

Gumball Racing

版本号 1.0.14 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
资料下载 : 19 Atualizado em : 26.11.2021 GlobalFun Games


Corridas arrepiantes com os personagens de Gumball
ball Racing is a 3D driving game where you get to drive loads of different vehicles, along with quirky characters like Gumball, Darwin, Anais or Penny behind the wheel. Of course many of the characters, however, need to be unlocked as you move forward in the game. The control system for Gumball Racing is really simple, as your vehicle never stops accelerating. All you need to do is tap the sides of the screen to turn one way or another. At times, when you collect a turbo, you can tap the button which appears on the screen to activate it. In Gumball Racing you come across a number of different game modes, such as tournaments, individual races, or time trials. Along with all of these game modes you also get to choose from a good number of different circuits, set in various well-known locations from the series. Gumball Racing is an entertaining car racing game, particularly appealing to fans of this animated series. That said, as a highly appealing car racing game, it is thoroughly enjoyable for all.


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